Wind Farm Service Vessels

With about a dozen wind farms being planned along the East Coast and Great Lakes, Gladding-Hearn’s offshore wind farm service vessels are designed by the shipyard’s high-speed ferry designer, Incat Crowther, to specifically meet the applicable U.S.C.G. requirements and interface with the wind farm pylons, allowing transfer of construction crews and technicians and cargo from the bow, stern, or alongside. The designer’s first wind farm service catamaran began service on the North Sea in 2011.

Gladding-Hearn’s unmatched experience at building both commercial catamarans and offshore pilot boats makes it uniquely qualified to build wind farm vessels for the United States market. The yard’s wind farm vessels measure 60- to 85-feet in length and are powered by a range of propulsion options.

“As a licensee of Incat Crowther since the mid-80s, we’ve built more than 40 high-speed passenger catamarans from their designs. We know these hull forms provide a very safe, stable and comfortable platform for the construction crews and the technicians who will be working on these projects in the United States,” said Gladding-Hearn President Peter Duclos.