When customers and suppliers speak about Gladding-Hearn, they often mention first a strong fondness for “the family.” The entire Duclos family participates in the business. Their intimate knowledge of every project, along with their accessibility and responsiveness, are what customers remember most, which may explain why nearly 90 percent of Gladding-Hearn’s business is from repeat customers.

Early every morning before the workday begins there’s a production meeting with all of the foremen and supervisors. Those who attend benefit from knowing what is actually taking place on every project and from learning from the expertise of others. Such teamwork is one reason Gladding-Hearn enjoys little management turnover, while still offering opportunities for upward mobility to younger employees.

“All of the people at Gladding-Hearn are team players. They’re easy to work with, open to suggestions and very proud of their work. With three fast ferries built there, we’ve gone forward with 100 friendships.”

—Skip Scudder
Hy-Line Cruises